Zoë Brooks is a socially engaged artist from Adelaide working across Australia in strong collaboration with community groups. Brooks is interested in creating conversations around the politics of faith, religion and spirituality grounded in the beliefs that are beginning to redefine Australia’s multi-faithed national identity.

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Live by Faith Not by Feelings, is a knitted conversation between Zoë Brooks and the Catholic Church Craft Group.

Exploring the narrative of ‘The Immaculate Conception’ tells the story of Brooks and her sister’s own “immaculate conception” through the promises made by their parents promising their unborn children to the Catholic Church for approval of their marriage. However, Brooks and her sister were conceived through IVF processes against Catholic beliefs.

Through the Catholic Church’s craft group meetings, a time when everyone is welcome, Brooks embarks on a knitted conversation that presents a timely conflict between ancient beliefs and new technology.  

Brooks is about to undergo a project of working in collaboration with church craft groups around Australia to discuss this topic further.  


What’s Wrong Western Woman? Is a new body of work that excavates into the theory that something may be missing from the lives of the privilege Western woman.


Healing in the Midst of Fear is a painting-based conversation between JR Faith Creations and Zoe Brooks. Justin considers his paintings to be tangible creations of his faith. He practices his art under the name JR Faith Creations with a desire to express his faith filled dreams and visions through visual images and bible verses where he works through the night until he feels peace in his heart.

Justin’s desire is to give glory to God for his art gift.

Brooks and JR Faith creations live in the same community. Although intrigued by churches Brooks has always felt church was a place she wasn’t welcome until she moved into Holy Rollers Studio, a church conversion art studio. Brooks was told as a child she needed an exorcism by her grandparents church friends.