Zoe Brooks (born 1988) is a multidisciplinary artist from Adelaide working across Australia in strong collaboration with religious and spiritual community groups. Brooks is interested in curatorial, collaborative and participatory approaches to making art, often immersing herself in her research through a process of embedding. Her practice is an exploration into ideals of belonging, redemption and saviour, inter-faith and the belief systems and extremities of human behaviour that are beginning to redefine Australia’s multi-faithed national identity.

Brooks has collaborated with St Joseph’s Parish Catholic Church Craft Group exploring her and her sisters own immaculate conception by honouring a commitment of her faith promised prior to conception by her parents to the Catholic Parish, an alcoholics and street preacher art program, exploration into women’s circles empowering the feminine rising in the New Age Goddess Movement and collaboration with JR Faith Creations to explore his close relationship with God and speaking to God through his middle of the night painting sessions.