Zoe Brooks Found artist Statement in an Oracle, Kyanyin Oracle Cards - Blessings, Guidance & Enlightenment from the Divine Feminine, 2017



Zoe Brooks is a multidisciplinary artist who's practice spans sculpture, photography, painting and installation. Brooks is interested in the structures of belief systems underpinning the extremities of human behaviours. Working with minority groups such as spiritual healers, faith followers, religious extremists, believers and empaths, she explores religious and secular rituals and traditions in life death and renewal. 

Through collaboration, curatorial and communal artistic processes, her work can be positioned within the contextual framework of 'Community Art' where she is interested in facilitation as a method of art making by inviting others to join in the creative process allowing multi-stakeholder dialogues to form.   

Brooks has made comment on her and her sisters 'Immaculate Conception' by working with the Catholic Church Craft Group to explore her own conception through IVF processes. Racism and suburban genocide that exists within her family and their experiences with a community of Islamic Muslims at a NSW coastal caravan park. She has held creative rituals and guidance ceremonies working with spiritual healers, angels and empaths. Her work becomes a trace of human relationships and interactions encapsulating highly personal and autobiographical subjective experiences.