Zoe Brooks (born 1988) is a multidisciplinary artist from Adelaide who is interested in curatorial, collaborative and participatory approaches to making art. Often immersing herself in her research, Brooks integrates into minority groups to explore belief systems and the extremities of human behaviours through a religious and spiritual lens.

Brooks contextualises her practice as socially engaged art applying community art approaches to her making process. With a background of working in the youth and community arts sector in local government, she opens her practice to include working with: religious extremists, street preachers, empaths, alcoholics and women's circles from the new age movement.  She has collaborated with the Catholic Church Craft Group to explore her and her sisters own immaculate conception. Honouring a commitment once made by her parents promising their unborn children to the Catholic Church in order to marry, however, conceived through IVF processes they were deemed not pure enough for true acceptance. Brooks has collaborated with JR Faith Creations to explore his close relationship with God, speaking to God through his middle of the night painting sessions.