Zoe Brooks (born 1988) is a socially engaged artist from Adelaide working across Australia in strong collaboration with community groups.

With a practice that is primarily non-medium specific, Brooks is interested in exploring belief systems and community-specific practices evaluated through processes of integration and co-creation. Her work is made for both the converted and non-converted, creating further conversations around the politics of faith, religion and spirituality grounded in the beliefs and extremities of human behaviours that are beginning to redefine Australia’s multi-faithed national identity.

Brooks has collaborated with St Joseph’s Parish Catholic Church Craft Group exploring her and her sisters own immaculate conception by honouring a commitment of her faith promised prior to conception by her parents to the Catholic Parish. Goddess activism and earth-centred belief systems through the re-emergence of women’s circles in Western society. A collaboration with JR Faith Creations exploring his close relationship with God through speaking to Him in his middle of the night painting sessions and Australia’s Religious Response to Climate Change.